The team behind KAMA PIGMENTS

Vincent Deshaies
Vincent Deshaies
president / founder

In 1994, he completed a college diploma in fine arts with honours at cegep Sainte-Foy in Quebec where he is from. Subsequently, he undertook materials and methods training under the guidance of Terrance DePietro where he learned traditional techniques and uses of pigments. Once his apprenticeship was done, he decided to move to Montreal and started a business that would offer an alternative in the world of artist’s materials: Kama pigments.

At the same time, he studies physics and chemistry at the college level hoping he would make it to university one day (up to this day he still haven't had the time to go since Kama actually worked) and kept on painting by making his own paints, mediums and varnishes.

In the recent years, Vincent Deshaies has focused it's time in Research and Development, particularly in expanding the line of extra fine oil paint.

Both a devoted father and formidable marathoner and for better or worse, Vincent Deshaies is a true idealist that believes in a no-nonsense business model where honesty and generosity are rewarded with customer’s loyalty.


Émile Brunet
Émile Brunet
retail store manager

Artist and/or craftsman Emile considers himself as a self-taught, although Kama Pigment is for him a school and even more; a lifestyle.

Interested in all techniques and proficiency subject to the applications of traditional materials, the raw materials, especially botanical ones, are its exploration field. By the image but mostly by the object, he is passionate by investigating its transformations and its derivatives.


Jonathan Guertin
senior retail store customer service

Returning from the ground, after a short period inside the funeral business Jonathan Guertin decided to finish his class in visuals arts that he started in Cegep at first.

He is actually finishing his last course in autumn. After he will go at Concordia to learn more things about the modern and old techniques of drawing. He also want to work on his oil paint technique at the same time to get rid of acrylic for good.

For the moment, he is working on his personal projects and he his very happy to work at Kama pigments because he is constantly learning a lot of things about the different prepared or raw materials that can be used by the 21th century picky artist.


Caroline Baril
retail store customer service

Caroline completed her college diploma in visual arts and is currently studying for a BA in Art History. Her main field of interest, whether in her artistic practice or art history, is geometric abstraction; more specifically, studies of color and line.

She combines her artistic talents with a passion for science and mathematics by working, among other things, with fractal models and microscopic enlargements. Of a curious nature, Caroline is also interested in sewing, knitting, cooking and music.


marie danielle duval
marie-danielle duval
retail store customer service

Marie-Danielle is a visual artist whose practice includes drawing and painting. She is currently studying Visual Arts at UQAM.

Her background in industrial design has increased her sensibility and understanding of materials, and she is always happy to share her knowledge while continuing to learn about materials and techniques every day.

In addition to feeding her own practice through the wide array of materials available, Kama allows her to exchange and work with creative people.


maxime pelletier
maxime pelletier
retail store customer service

Born in Bas-Saint-Laurent, Maxime is studying visual arts at Concordia University. The young artist draws a deep inspiration from his states of soul, his philosophical reflexions and his strongest impulses, allowing him to express himself in the language of painting and drawing.

We can notice a material evolution in his artistic practice through the learning of the alchemy of pigments and artistic materials. Indeed, his work expresses a great sensitivity to the colours and the hidden vices of the self-portrait, all in a unique universe inhabited by a mythical atmosphere and a surreal breeze.


Antoine Paquin
Antoine Paquin
Production manager

Antoine Paquin is a young artist who recently obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts and a minor in French literature from the University of Ottawa. Now living in Montreal, he was selected to work at the Kama pigments retail store where continues to increase his knowledge of the different artist’s materials. After work, he continues his own artistic production in the media of painting and printmaking.

In the future, Antoine would like to go back to university and get his masters’ degree in visual arts and become a teacher to transmit his passion at the post-secondary level.


julia cavanagh
Julia Cavanagh

Julia obtained her BFA in studio arts from Concordia University in 1990. After having worked for seven years in an art supply store, she reoriented her career towards the domain of telecommunications, where she worked as a trainer for thirteen years.

Now a member of the production team at Kama Pigments, Julia is pleased to be back in the domain that she is passionate about: artist materials! Her free time is divided between being a mom, painting, and sports.


Olivier Blanchette

Originally from Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Olivier studied at the Cegep Lionel-Groulx in studio arts. It was his deep interest in the visual arts that brought him to Montreal in 2010. He continued his studies at UQAM and Concordia University, where he is presently completing his BFA in painting and drawing.

As a painter, he is pleased to be working in the stimulating environment of Kama's warehouse, where his passion for artist materials grows each day.


Jennie Philpott

Jennie Philpott is an emerging artist from Sussex, New Brunswick. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from NSCAD University in 2010.

After completing her degree, she moved to Montreal to discover its thriving arts scene and further pursue her career as a painter.

Jennie currently works at the Kama warehouse as part of the production team. She is excited to have a job that is involved within the field of art, enabling her to learn new things about art materials, see how products are made and work with other artists.

Through her assistance in producing art supplies, she is happy to know the outcome of her work provides artists with the materials to express their creativity.


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