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aqueous dispersions of pigments
Aqua-Dispersions of pigments
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Theses high quality pigment dispersions will allow you to make paint for all of the water based techniques.

All there is to be done is to mix the dispersions with any of water based binders. Acrylic polymer emulsion for acrylic paints, gum Arabic dispersion for watercolor or gouache, egg for egg tempera , etc.

What is a pigment dispersion ?

What makes our AQUA-DISPERSIONS different is that they have been selected for their high level of performance in respect to the demanding needs of artists. Furthermore, they are not inhibited by any binders, extenders, fillers, blends or tints that could alter or control their performance, strength or interchangeability from one medium to another. This allows the artist to change from acrylic to watercolor, egg-tempera, gouache or any water miscible paints without purchasing each color in those specific mediums.

all of the above translates into tremendous savings for the artist or student who enjoys working in different disciplines and wants the quality of materials that reflect dedication at the highest level.

The pigments that make our paints vibrant and long lasting are the primary tool of painters and artists and we believe that our product should be included in all studios. As we are aware that most artists have never had the opportunity to buy or use dispersions of this quality in the working process, we encourage you to ask questions and try for yourself this new product.