Kama Pigment

Medium and Varnishes recipes

 dammar and beeswax
(matte varnish)


  Beeswax combines well with the dammar resin to create a matte finish that resists weathering. It can also easily be removed for cleaning or restoration (if the oil paint underneath has been allowed to dry properly for at least 12months).

Proportions :

Concentrated dammar varnish 4
(natural or bleached)

Turpentine 2

procedure :

First, melt the beeswax and add the remaining ingredients. To make sure everything is properly mixed, you might have to lightly heat the mixture over an electric hotplate or double-boiler until the wax melts into the solution. In a glass bottle or jar, slowly pour the hot solution to prevent the shattering of the glass container.



  This paste has many uses and can be directly applied with a rag to varnish any kind of painting. To use this recipe as a medium, mix directly on the palette with tube paint or dry pigments.

To use as a final picture varnish, we recommend you thin this recipe by adding more gum turpentine, making it more liquid and easier for brushing.


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