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Medium and Varnishes recipes

 Concentrated dammar varnish
(Gloss varnish)


  Almost universally used, Dammar resin which is sold in pale yellow pieces has several uses: as an ingredient inside other painting mediums, as a glazing medium or as a final varnish.

Proportions :

Dammar resin in crystals
Turpentine 1

procedure :

Place the pieces of resin and the turpentine in a well closed bottle. Stir and turn every day until the resin is dissolved, which could take several days. Exposing the bottle to the sun accelerates the process. This solution has a thick consistency of honey. If some pieces of the dammar resin contain dirt or other impurities, pour the solution through a cheesecloth or decant in a clean bottle.



  For use as a final varnish over an oil painting, dilute the solution with an equal quantity of turpentine. For varnishing egg tempera, dilute with 4 times the amount of gum turpentine. The basic consistency of the concentrated dammar varnish is ideal for emulsification or allied with other ingredients to make glazing or painting mediums. This solution of Dammar approximately dries in an hour.


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