Kama Pigment

Medium and Varnishes recipes

 Glazing mediums: Canadian balsam
and oil


  Canadian balsam increases the gloss of oil paints and slows down drying time, allowing for a slow and meticulous technique.

Proportions :

Canadian balsam
Stand Oil
(polymerised linseed oil)
Turpentine -

procedure :

Combine ingredients in a glass container, and adjust the viscosity with gum turpentine. This glazing medium produces a strong paint film with incomparable lustre while barely yellowing in time. In addition, its pleasant aroma of fir tree fills the room!

You can replace the stand oil with sun thickened linseed oil to accelerate the drying time somewhat, you can also use a drying agent: cobalt/zirconium dryer.



  Mix this medium on the palette directly with oil color in tubes or Dry pigments. To apply this medium with a rag or fingers, use the undiluted version, without turpentine. The diluted solution is generally preferred when painting or to be used a retouch varnish.


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