Kama Pigment

Medium and Varnishes recipes

 Glazing medium: Stand oil and
dammar varnish


  This glazing medium is a more oily variation of the simple painting medium. Given its higher oil content, it is recommended to add a few drops of cobalt/zirconium dryer to facilitate drying.

Proportions :

Concentrated dammar varnish
Stand Oil
(polymerised linseed oil)
Turpentine 1

procedure :

In a clean glass bottle, combine ingredients at room temperature. Stir sufficiently to ensure all ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Sun thicken linseed oil can replace stand oil (though more expensive). The amount of turpentine can vary according to how thick you want your glazing medium to be.


  This glazing medium can also be used as a varnish in order to unify the lustre of a painting without having to wait several months to apply a final varnish.


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