Kama Pigment

Medium and Varnishes recipes

 Beeswax paste


  To thicken the normal consistency of oil paint, beeswax paste does the trick.

Proportions :

(natural or bleached)

Turpentine 1-2

procedure :

First, melt the beeswax in a double-boiler. Remove from heat and add the turpentine slowly while stirring. If the wax solidifies when you add the turpentine, heat it lightly while mixing. A good trick to avoid this problem is to keep the turpentine slightly warmer than room temperature.
Remove from heat and stir approximately 10 minutes and pour into a clean glass container. The wax mixture will eventually cool down to solidify as a paste. Do not overheat the turpentine at anytime nor expose it to a direct flame.



  This medium is very versatile and can be used for: cold encaustic painting, to modify the consistency of oil paint, to make emulsion paints or even as a matte final picture varnish.

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