Kama Pigment

Medium and Varnishes recipes

 Simple painting medium: Stand oil,
dammar and turpentine


  This recipe produces the basic medium for oil painting, which is as easy to make as to use.

We use Stand oil in this medium because it produces a tougher, more flexible paint film than raw linseed oil and has less a tendency to yellow over time. Concentrated dammar varnish will bring lustre and transparency to the medium. The first layers of paint should contain more turpentine than oil, and gradually as the work progresses, the recipe of the medium should substitute part of the turpentine by stand oil and dammar, to follow the rule commonly known as fat over lean.

Proportions :

Stand Oil
(polymerised linseed oil)
Concentrated dammar vanish
Turpentine 1

procedure :

Mix all ingredients at room temperature in a clean glass jar and stir until the medium is smooth and homogenous.


  Mix the desired amount of medium on the palette directly with your Oil paints while painting or even as a varnish applied to unify the paint layer. Adding turpentine will allow you to modify the viscosity of the medium. The drying time of this medium -approximately 3 days in thin coats- can be reduced by adding cobalt zirconium dryer (use with caution).


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