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 gum Arabic solution : Watercolor / Gouache


  Water-soluble gums are a major ingredient in the fabrication of paint. They are easy to use, non-toxic and quick drying. Gum Arabic is most commonly used.

Proportions :

Gum Arabic in powder form 1
Water 1-2
white vinegar
(to preserve the solution)

procedure :

In a double-boiler, gently heat the water and add the Gum Arabic while stirring. Natural gum in powder form takes less time to dissolve than gum sold in chunks. Once the solution cools down, cover and let sit until the solution becomes clear. Filter through a cheesecloth into a clean container. Keep refrigerated to prevent rotting. You can substitute 25% of the water with white vinegar to help preservation but you need to add it after the solution has cooled. Never heat directly or the solution will burn.

Good idea: recycle a glass jar preferably with a metal top. That way, you will be able to use that container to prepare and store your solution.



  Add a few drops of Aqua-Dispersions into the solution to instantly obtain watercolor. You can also mix dry pigments with the gum-water solution until you get a thick paste. To make the watercolor transparent, dilute the thick paste watercolor with water.

To prepare gouache, you can use a bigger proportion of dry pigments with the gum water solution or add china clay, talc or calcium carbonate to opacify the paint.


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