Kama Pigment

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 traditional chalk gesso for panels


  To obtain a perfect white soft and brilliant surface, no formula is better than the traditional rabbit skin glue and chalk gesso. It is ideal for egg tempera and meticulous renderings in oils.

Proportions :

Titanium white or zinc
(dry pigments)

Calcium carbonate
(3 um fine grade)
Rabbit skin glue
(recipe #2)
Water  -> (Add to obtain the desired consistency)

procedure :

Mix all dry pigments together in an enamelled saucepan, then slowing incorporate the warm glue solution while stirring to eliminate bubbles and aggregates. Filter the gesso through a cheesecloth, and let sit for 30 minutes before using.

OPTIONNAL :Brush the panel with alcohol and let dry.


  Apply the warm gesso in a single direction without retouching the surface. Apply the next coats in opposite direction (alternating). You can put as many as 5 very thin coats to obtain a perfectly even and smooth surface. To avoid cracking, we recommend that you wait at least 24 hours between coats and 2 days before the final sanding (with # 220 sand paper or finer).

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