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 Rabbit skin glue solution


  Animal skin glue produces a very strong glue solution that can be used for sizing and stretching canvas or as a quick drying paint (distemper) when mixed with dry pigments.

Proportions :

Rabbit skin glue 1
Water 10

procedure :

Animal skin glue (rabbit, cow, parchment) is usually sold in sheets or powder. Soak the glue in water for 30 minutes (bigger chunks of glue require a whole night soaking before dissolving). Heat in a double boiler while stirring until completely dissolved.



  Keep the solution warm enough to maintain the homogenous solution, but do no cook directly over fire or boil this solution as it would become unusable. Brush the solution on a stretched canvas, or a massonite panel that was previously brushed with alcohol. Let the size dry completely before applying the gesso.

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