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 Gelatin solution


  This gelatin solution is used as a clear and transparent protective layer that dissolves easily and prepares quickly. It can also be used on paper to prepare it for oil painting or oil stick.

Imported gelatin, sold as thin 3 x 9 sheets packages, are a great quality product that can be stored easily. You can also use powdered gelatin which is cheaper and works just as well for this recipe.

Proportions :

(Sheets or powder)
Water 16 oz

procedure :

Soak the sheets in water for 15 minutes, or until they start swelling. gently heat using a double boiler until completely dissolved.



  On an untreated massonite panel, paper sheet or any other surface that you whish to use, brush the gelatin solution on both sizes, and let dry overnight. If you are preparing a panel, also include the side when brushing the gelatin solution.

For a second coat, reheat de solution and add 2 tablespoons of chalk for a nice, smooth surface. Apply with a flat brush and let dry. 

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