Aqua-dispersions of pigments

A simple, easy way to make your paints.



KAMAPIGMENTS' Aqua-dispersions are a concentrated mixture of pigments and water. The term dispersion refers to the fact that the pigments aggregates have been separated (dispersed) to their finest level: the final result is an aqueous solution of finely divided pigments with outstanding tinting power.

Hence, Aqua-dispersions should not be confused for paint or as a painting technique, but rather as another form in which pigments are available.

By adding a few drops of KAMA PIGMENTS’ Aqua-dispersions in your favourite binder, you will get a powerful and refined paint.

What make our Aqua-dispersions of pigments so interesting for artists is that they allow pigments to be mixed into water-based binders instantaneously without any form of pre-mixing*.

For example mix aqua-dispersion in acrylic polymer emulsion (for acrylic paints) , casein (for milk paint) , Gum Arabic (for gouache or watercolor), egg (for egg tempera) (see our binders recipes).

Aqua-dispersions, being extremely concentrated, you simply need to add drops into the binder that you have chosen; stirring for a few seconds and you will arrive at full and rich hues of color, ready to use.

* Pre-mixing dry pigments into water is, in fact, the process of “dispersion”; which is the wetting and grinding necessary to gain the maximum potential of the pigments.



Why use it ...

An added benefit here is that you control, exactly, what pigments are in the desired paint. Too often, companies make their colors with the addition of “White” pigments (notably: Titanium Dioxide). An artist attempting to produce a clean and brilliant “Glaze” of color would be forced to settle for the dulling effect that this unwanted pigment, would create.

We at Kama pigments suggest that artists always read the labels of their tube paints or ask for the technical color charts, available when purchasing. In this way they will have an “accurate” description of what pigments have been used to make the color and therefore will not be disappointed in the characteristics of their purchase.

Both our pigment and dispersions are “pure” and not mixtures of two or more colors; you get exactly the color, characteristics and performance you expect and demand point




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