Oil Sticks are an alternative form of oil paint. They are made by hand, with the finest pigments and natural waxes, in Montréal by KAMA PIGMENTS

oil sticks

A new medium for painting & drawing

the KAMAPIGMENTS Oil Sticks can be thought of as artist’s oil paint in stick form. They can be applied to a canvas (or any other support that is appropriate for oil paint) quickly, easily and dynamically to create exciting, expressive marks that are not possible with ordinary oil paint. The colors are amazingly bold, and Oil Sticks can be used without solvents or a palette. They can be mixed and blended directly on the support with a brush or neutral Oil Stick, and can be used to create transparent glazes, thick impastos and anything in between.

These Oil Sticks offer the artist a medium that combines the vividness, depth and consistency of oil paints with the natural ease of application that is typical of pastels and charcoal.



How to use them

Before using an Oil Stick, tear off the paint skin that has formed on the surface of the stick and then, simply work as you would if it were fresh oil color, ready to be used.

Oil Sticks can be used in combination with any type of oil painting medium, as long as the “fat over lean” rule is respected. Some mediums, such as dammar or Alkyd, can greatly speed up the drying time of Oil Sticks without the inconvenience or difficulty of using dryers.

For more information, you can visit our Oil Painting Mediums and Varnishes section.

Painting structure

It is also possible to mix traditional oil paint or artist’s quality alkyd paint with Oil Sticks, as long as the painting is structured correctly. In other words, one should not allow the creation of dissimilar paint structure in between the different areas of the painting: for example, one should avoid having part of the painting be painted exclusively with oil paint, another with the Oil Sticks and another part with a mix or the two. The goal is to establish an even structure on the totality of the painting.

We also recommend you to use the same medium throughout the painting, whether you are using the sticks alone or in conjunction with other compatible paints.




Oil sticks can be used on those surfaces :

Always remember to protect the fibers of the support you are using. As with all oil paints, the drying oil that acts as the Oil Sticks’ binder has an acidic PH level and will eventually deteriorate the fibers if they are not protected



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