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Extra Fine artists' oil paints

Professional quality, at a reasonable price


Over the last fifteen years, KAMA PIGMENTS has earned an important place in the world of art materials. We are importers of one of the largest arrays of specialized art materials:

Our very own artists, oil paints





We are known for being uncompromising when it comes to quality and for using only the finest materials in order to obtain the greatest possible results. It is always with these principles firmly in mind that we continue to produce our own line of Oil Paints.


How KAMA pigments' oils are made

We begin by selecting the best raw materials:

We only use the purest light-fast pigments. They are ground in small batches to ensure quality, and meticulously blended with walnut oil a semi siccative oil to prevent yellowing.

Additionally, we continue to make our paints without any inert pigments or fillers in order to produce the purest colors possible. Our experience has taught us that the most discriminating artists will recognize the vividness of our paints and their flawless consistency. .

the KAMA paint factory


Trying Kama Pigments’ Oil Paints for yourself will convince you that, when it comes to the quality of a painter’s materials, there are no worthwhile compromises.




quick facts:


A growing family

Our line of oil paint already consists of 104 colors, all of which are available in two tubes sizes (37ml & 125ml), and we are constantly working to expand it.

Got an idea for a color? Let us know!

Genuine cobalts and cadmiums

We only use authentic pigments known for their exceptional characteristics. The pigment contents and batch number of our paints are clearly written on every tube.

Unique colors

Whether it's Lavender, Transparent azo green gold, or Haemoglobin; they will astonish you and expand your palette.

From artists, to artists

All of our employees are artists who are passionate about making Kama Pigments’ Oil Paints. We are proud of our team and our ability to understand the needs of today’s artists.

Signature colors

Some of our clients are professional painters with very specific needs. Working together, we have created colors such as Hornyak's Pink, sonmor's Blue, Jodoin's green, named after the artist who inspired them.

We believe that the best way to satisfy our clients is to listen to what they have to say and to respond to their specific needs.

Color chart

Click here to view our most recent printed color chart. Hand-made color charts are also available, contact us if you are interested