Dylan Gebbia-Richards


At Kama of course, we love everything pigment and we especially love this amazing artist's work.

The University of Northern Colorado Galleries have allocated the Arts Annex and Mariani Galleries as Gebbia-Richards’ studio for the months of June-August to construct his largest, most ambitious installation to date, titled Echo. The artist’s residency will conclude in late August when the Galleries will unveil Echo as the premiere Fall 2017 exhibition in Mariani Gallery.

Echo will completely encompass the viewer in a life-size, texted painting made from 4,128 pounds of melted wax and vibrant pigments.

We have been trilled to be asked to be a part of this exhibition as sponsors and are looking forward to the opening night when Vincent will be present. Come see us if you're in the neighborhood.

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 24, 4 - 8pm



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