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New this year, by popular demand we ar introducing some brand new encaustic kits for those who want to sample our colors or try the technique bullet



Some kama products ...

aqua-dispersions kama encaustics kama oil sticks kama monotype crayons


orders are shipped to your home

Conferees will not be able to purchase our products directly at the conference. If you require products for the conference, please order ahead (see this section)


conference discounts

Shipping on all orders will be free of charge.
A 15 % discount will be offered on all orders placed at the conference.
A 30 % discount will be offered on all orders placed before the conference (see section below).


if you require your supplies for the conference:

We will deliver all orders placed before the conference. Those orders will receive a 30% discount; deadline for this offer is May 30th.

To take advantage of this offer, these steps must be followed:

  • Place the order online on our website www.kamapigment.com, choose the store pickup as a shipping option.
  • Email magasin@kamapigment.com referencing you order number and say that this order is to be treated as a pre-encaustic conference order. We will apply the discount, email you an updated confirmation and prepare your order which will be delivered at the conference.

Should you have any question about this offer or about our new mail order system we will happy to help, please contact Vincent directly by email at vince@kamapigment.com


raffle giveaway

Don’t forget to stop by our table to register for our raffle; our giveaway will be made up of the following:

2016 encaustic conference raffle  prize


We always appreciate your suggestions and comments. To communicate with us, click here.



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