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kama encaustic medium

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Whether you name it neutral encaustic or encaustic medium this mixture of beeswax and and damar resin is the binder of encaustic paints.

Used this product to extend colors or to create transparencies when working with ready-made encaustic cakes of color. But, most of all. you can also use this medium in conjunction with dry pigments to create you own very custom cakes of color easily. This product can also be applied and fused as a topcoat to add depth to finished encaustic paintings.

Our Neutral encaustic is made from the same 100% pharmaceutical grade refined beeswax and damar resin as our encaustic colors.

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Catalogue code un description
EN-100004-C     1/2 lb Neutral Encaustic (encaustic medium)
EN-100004-D     1 lb Neutral Encaustic (encaustic medium)
EN-100004-E     2 lb Neutral Encaustic (encaustic medium)
EN-100004-H     5 lb Neutral Encaustic (encaustic medium)
EN-100004-K     10 lb Neutral Encaustic (encaustic medium)

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1/2 lb of encaustic medium in it'S packaging


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