New kama oil paint printed color chart

kama handmade oils 2015 color chart page 2

Our gratitude goes out to those by whom this project was made possible: Émile Brunet who strongly suggested that we do something about our old chart and who oversaw this new design and Rosamunde Bordo who corrected our weird or just plain bad English depending.

Before we received our beautiful new professionally printed charts, we were working with one that was designed in 2006 and printed in-house... Those charts were both outdated and not good-looking, we had even stopped giving them to customers as we felt somewhat ashamed of how the looked ...

This is a great step for the Kama paints brand, indeed this is our first professionally printed color chart (15 000 copies). Make sure to request a copy with your next order if didn't already gave you one. You can also download and electronic version of the chart.

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kama handmade oils 2015 color chart page 1


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