19/07/2013: New Pigments

New at KAMA. Two fluorescent dry pigments to make your paints and mediums. All fluorescent pigments are non-toxic but have a very limited lightfastness.

Fluorescent blue
Fluorescent Violet


18/06/2013: Encaustic iron

New Product: A heating iron for encaustic is now available at the Montreal store and online.

Encaustic iron


01/03/2013: KAMA in France

The French society Sennelier has started to offer some KAMA products in France in their Parisian store.

magasin sennelier
KAMA resellers


05/02/2013 : 7thInternational Encaustic Conference

On may 31st through june 2nd 2013, KAMA will be participating in the 7th international encaustic conference as a vendor. The event will be held in Provincetown Ma, USA and Many places are still available. If you paint in encaustic, you should consider registering as the encaustic conference is the best opportunity to learn about techniques as well as exchange with fellow encaustic artists.

Conference's web page


15/01/2013: Live painting at la place des ARTS

A live painting battle night for the launch of the new season of les règles de l'art on ARTV sponsored by KAMA pigments. Vincent Deshaies and some KAMA employees will be present from 19:00. Come and meet us.


24/12/2012: How it's made

For those who would like to know more about how encaustic paints and oilsticks are made ... this capsule titled « Oil & Encaustic Paint, will be broadcasted on the canadian Discovery Channel: Monday, December 24th 2012 at 20h00 and in the United States on the science channel, Sunday December 30th at 21h00.


22/11/2012: Opening night new KAMA store

On November 1st, Kama moved to its new location on St-Hubert St. To celebrate this happy event, there will be an official opening night on December 14th. All kama customers are invited to attend.
Music by Dj Aikido.
Refreshments and appetizers will be serveds

facebook event page


dye pigments technical information

We have added technical information about KAMA dye pigments on the site (compatible solvents, solubility, approximate tones etc.). This information will be useful to those who wish to plan the yield and color of the dyes they are buying.

voir l'info technique


29/03/2012 : KAMA on TV

This segment was originally aired march 23, 2012 on the show c'est ça la vie on CBC. The report focuses on how we are making KAMA's artists' oil paints and why chose to do it the way we do.

click here to view


15/02/2012 : La liste.tv

The next show, will be featuring a segment on the manufacture of Kama's Oil Sticks by actor Michel Olivier. The show is called LIBERTY click here to see it

LaListe.tv web page


9/02/2012 : La tête ailleurs

This Saturday (Feb 11th, 2012) Vincent Deshaies will be Jacques Bertrand’s guest at the show to discuss the color red and pigments. Don’t miss it!

Hear the full interview here


25/12/2011 : L'artisan des couleurs

The Montreal newspaper Le Devoir has just published an article about kama oil paints, and the artists' who use them (French only).

31/08/2011 : Aboveground Art Fair

We will be attending the Aboveground Art Fair on august 31st from 12:00 - 15:00. We will be there to present KAMA products, giving samples and answering technical questions you may have. Drop by to meet us and exchange on KAMA products if you are in the neighbourhood


12/04/2011:Société des ocres de France

We are pleased to announce that we now will now be carrying pigments from the French ochre society (société des ocres de france).

These new pigments will complement our existing selection by adding new hard-to-find shades & some new natural pigments.

French ochre society pigments' page

14/04/2011 : UPDATE, New oil paint colors

These 3 colors were developed and added to our line during the month of January. They are now available to order online and through the retail store.


11/03/2011 : Japanese Earthquake

All of the staff at KAMA pigments is extending its deepest sympathies, support and wishes to the Japanese people in thee difficult times.


9/02/2011 : Classes and workshops

KAMA pigments will now start to offer classes and workshops about techniques and materials. We will begin May 2nd with an encaustic workshop.
For additionnal information or to register, please follow these links:

English site | French site


02/11/2010 : KAMA pigments in Japan

We have launched a new site for our Japanese clients. www.kamapigment.jp


22/10/2010 : New KAMA website

Welcome to the redesigned version of our website. If you have any comments that could help us make the site better, click here to let us know.


10/07/2011 : Symposium Artistes au travail

We will be at the symposium Artistes au travail on July 9-10 to make demonstrations on paint making and answering questions about Kama products. If you’re around, don't hesitate to come and meet us.


12/03/2010 : Fluorescent pigments

New products ! We now sell a complete range of these pigments in dry powder form. Limited light fastness

... Find out more


11/03/2010 : Glow in the dark pigments

Recently added blue, orange and yellow glow in the dark pigments. They are stable and can be used with any binder to make paints, jewellery or other projects, long afterglow.

... Find out more


02/03/2010 : Dyes

We now offer a selection of basic synthetic dyes soluble in alcohol and water. Can be used to stain wood or prepare inks. Limited light fastness

... Find out more


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