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Raphaël, la nymphe Galatée, fresque

Pigments for Fresco

resistant to lime

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fresco painting can only be done with certain colors. Due to the extreme alkaline nature of the binder, only certain pigments are stable enough to be used in this media. Cadmium colors should only be used only on indoor frescoes.

This is not a complete list and other colors may be suitable. All colors should be tested for stability in your environment before selecting them for use.

the nymph Galatea
mica dry pigments
catalogue code
Color index
PM-000040   Mica, Perlescent Pigment    
PM-000050   Mica Bronze satin    
PM-000052   Mica Bronze Powder    
PM-000100   Interference Blue, Mica Powder    
PM-000120   Interference Green, Mica Powder    
PM-000140   Interference Violet, Mica Powder    
PM-000200   Pearl Gold, Mica Powder    
PM-000205   Sun Gold, Mica Powder    
PM-000220   Medium Gold, Mica Powder    
PM-000225   Royal Gold, Mica Powder    
PM-000300   Red/Gold, Mica Powder    
PM-000305   Brown/Red Glitter, Mica Powder    
PM-000310   Red Glitter, Mica Powder    
cadmiums dry pigments
  PS-CA0005   Cadmium Green Light   Py35
PS-CA0010   Cadmium lemon   Py35
PS-CA0015   Cadmium yellow light   Py35
PS-CA0020   Cadmium yellow medium   Py37
PS-CA0025   Cadmium yellow deep   Py37
PS-CA0030   Cadmium yellow extra-deep   Py37
PS-CA0035   Cadmium Orange light   Po20
PS-CA0040   Cadmium Orange deep   Po20
PS-CA0045   Cadmium red light   Pr108
PS-CA0050   Cadmium red medium   Pr108
PS-CA0055   Cadmium red deep   Pr108
PS-CA0060   Cadmium red purple   Pr108
PS-CA0065   Cadmium maroon   Pr108
PS-CA0070   Cadmium brown   Pr108
cobalts dry pigments
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PS-CO0005   Cobalt blue   Pb28
PS-CO0010   Cobalt cerulean (green shade)   Pb36
PS-CO0015   Cobalt cerulean (blue shade)   Pb36
PS-CO0020   Cobalt turquoise light   Pb28
PS-CO0025   Cobalt turquoise deep   Pb36
PS-CO0030   Cobalt green light   Pg50
PS-CO0035   Cobalt green extra deep   Pg26
Inorganics dry pigments
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PS-IN0005   Nickel yellow   Py53
PS-IN0010   Naples yellow light   Py53
PS-IN0030   Manganese violet deep   Pv16
PS-IN0040   Chromium oxide green   Pg17
PS-IN0042   Chromium oxide green deep   Pg17
PS-IN0045   Viridian   Pg18
PS-IN0058   Transparent oxide yellow   Py42h
PS-IN0060   Transparent oxide red   Pr101h
earth tone dry pigments
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PS-MI0005   Yellow ochre light   Py43
PS-MI0010   Brown ochre   Py43
PS-MI0015   Spanish gold ochre   Py42h
PS-MI0020   Raw Sienna   Pbr7
PS-MI0025   Deep gold oxide   Py42
PS-MI0030   Mars orange   Py42
PS-MI0035   Burnt Sienna   Pbr7
PS-MI0040   Terra d'Italia   Pr101
PS-MI0045   Salmon   Pr101
PS-MI0050   Red oxide light   Pr101
PS-MI0055   Red oxide medium   Pr101
PS-MI0060   Red oxide deep   Pr101
PS-MI0065   Mars violet   Pr101
PS-MI0070   Raw umber   Pbr7
PS-MI0072   Green umber   Pbr7
PS-MI0075   German umber   Pbr6
PS-MI0080   Burnt umber   Pbr7
PS-MI0085   Brown oxide   Pbr6
PS-MI0087   Van Dyke Brown   Pbr7
PS-MI0097   Silvery graphite   Pbk10
PS-MI0205   Rouge-brique foncé momie   Pr102
PS-MI0220   Rouge cramoisi augite porphyre   Pr102
PS-MI0225   Violet clair augite porphyre   Pr102
PS-MI0235   Jaune felsite transparent   Py43
PS-MI0240   Terre verte d'Arménie   Pg23
Black dry pigments
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PS-MI0090   Mars black   Pbk11
PS-MI0098   Black graphite   Pbk10
PS-MI0096   Ivory black   Pbk9
dry pigments blancs
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PS-MI0100   Titanium white   Pw6
PS-MI0105   Zinc oxide   Pw4
société des ocres de France dry pigments
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PS-MI0300   F.O.S. Apricot    Pw18, Pr101, Py42
PS-MI0302   F.O.S. Slate    
PS-MI0324   F.O.S. Tin Gray   Pbk11, Pw18
PS-MI0338   F.O.S. Cyprus Limonite   Py43
PS-MI0340   F.O.S. Brown Clay   Pbk11, Pr101
PS-MI0410   F.O.S. Ercolano Red   Pr102
PS-MI0418   F.O.S. Pozzuoli Red   Pr102
PS-MI0432   F.O.S. Cassel's Earth   Pbk6
PS-MI0434   F.O.S. Ancient Green earth   Pg23
PS-MI0436   F.O.S. Brentonico Green Earth   Pg23
PS-MI0438   F.O.S.Nicosia Green Earth(reproduction)   Pg17, Pw18
PS-MI0440   F.O.S.Nicosia Green Earth(genuine)   Pg23
PS-MI0460   F.O.S. Lime Blue   Pb29, Pw18
PS-MI0462   F.O.S. Lime Black   Pbk11, Pw18
PS-MI0464   F.O.S. Lime Green   Pg7, Pw18
dry pigments organics
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PS-OR0005   Hansa yellow light   Py3
PS-OR0010   Hansa yellow medium   Py74
PS-OR0015   Phthalocyanine blue(G.S.)   Pb15.3
PS-OR0016   Phthalocyanine blue (R.S.)   Pb15.1
PS-OR0020   Phthalocyanine green   Pg7
PS-OR0025   Naphthol red medium   Pr170
PS-OR0040   Quinacridone red   Pv19
PS-OR0045   Quinacridone violet   Pv19
PS-OR0065   Anthraquinone red   Pr177
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