Raphaël, the nymph Galatea, fresco
List of Lime fast pigments for Fresco

fresco painting can only be done with certain colors. Due to the extreme alkaline nature of the binder, only certain pigments are stable enough to be used in this media. Cadmium colors should only be used on indoor frescoes.

This is not a complete list and other colors may be suitable. All colors should be tested for stability in your environment before selecting them for use.
the nymph Galatea
Cadmium Lemon Cadmium Orange light Cadmium maroon
Cadmium yellow light Cadmium orange deep Cadmium brown
Cadmium yellow medium Cadmium red medium Cadmium Green light
Cadmium yellow deep Cadmium red deep  
Cadmium yellow extra deep Cadmium red purple  
Cobalt blue light Cobalt Turquoise light Cobalt green light
Cobalt Cerulean Cobalt turquoise deep Cobalt green extra deep
Inorganic pigments
Nickel yellow Jaune brilliant Chromium oxide green
Naples yellow light Transparent red oxide Viridian
Naples yellow deep    
Organic pigments
Hansa yellow light Phtalo blue (red shade) Anthraquinone red
Hansa yellow medium Indanthrone blue Quinacridone Red
Azomethine Yellow Phtalo green Quinacridone Violet
Phtalo blue Naphtol red medium  
Earth tones
Yellow ochre light Salmon Burnt umber
Spanish gold ochre Red oxide light 110 Brown oxide
Raw sienna Red oxide medium 130 Mars black
Deep gold oxide Red oxide deep Titanium white
Mars orange Mars violet Zinc oxide
Burnt sienna Raw umber Terra Verte (green Earth)
Terra d'Italia German umber Terra Rosa
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