1. cold pressed linseed oil
2. Walnut oil
3. Good grind medium

Virtual demonstration

How to make artists' oil paints

The binders of oil paints are known as drying oils. Unlike other types of vegetable oils, siccative oils dry by oxidation to form a film both flexible and transparent, whose purpose is to bind the pigments on the support.

In this demonstration, we will use cold pressed linseed oil for its clarity, flexibility as well as its quickness to dry. However, we can also use other types of oils know as semi-drying oils (Walnut, safflower or poppy seed oil) with the difference that these oils will take a longer time to dry than linseed oil.

We recently have developed a new grinding medium which we call good grind. This medium made from cold pressed linseed oil, is used as an alternative binder in the home-manufacture of oil paints. It's main advantages are that is resolves some of the classical problems associated with oil paint such as the separation of oil and pigments in paint that is stored in tubes for example.

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