1. Dry pigments
2. Siccative oil
3. Filler pigment
4. Flexible steel spatula
5. Glass muller

Virtual demonstration

How to make artists' oil paints

Roughly until the beginning of the 20th century, artists’ oil paints have always been prepared by painters or their assistants.

Artists’ oil paints are easy to make yourself in the studio and can be kept in tubes for occasions where less time to prepare colors is available (see the demo on tubing paint). When artists learn to make their own oil paints, they realize how easy it is to make paints of better quality, possessing richer hues of colors than those available in most art stores.

To make artist oil paints you will need dry pigments , a siccative oil, filler pigments (optional), flexible steel spatula or a Glass muller and a flat glass surface.

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