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KAMA pigments' Arists oil paints

"I LOVE your paints and want to buy more."

Michèle LaRose, artist.

"I bought new tubes of Kama Pigment’s Extra Fine Oil Paint: Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Quinacridone Violet and the amazing Haemoglobin. I also made a really nice paint with their Spanish gold ochre pigment. I ground it in aged walnut oil with a touch of sun-thickened linseed oil. It turned out really well with an almost enamel-like quality. I used it quite extensively for a small Rembrandt study I did recently."

Ross Montour, painter

"Thank you for making the most outstanding oil paints." 

Charles Fleury, California painter

"I bought some of your pigments, mediums and paints the other day. I was quite surprised! I’ve been using Gamblin’s paint for a while now, but am finding they’re heavy in oil. It feels like you pack your tubes with more pigments. I’ve only grabbed 4 tubes of your earth colors and they seem loaded with pigments. Looks promising!"

Kristian Adam, Vancouver painter

"Thank you for the paints! The Vert Jodoin is a fantastic colour, exactly what I would want to mix."

Yehouda Chaki, Montreal painter

"More than a supplier of artist's materials, Kama Pigments has become over the years an important partner in my creative process. Their constant desire to find answers to my most complex questions, and their relentless efforts in providing the best materials and service has made them an invaluable ally. What would I do without your Transparent Azo Green Gold oil paint?"

Jennifer Hornyak, Canadian painter

"Kama Pigments is one of those rare companies that trust the intelligence of their customers. Their products are of an ever increasing quality, and their service is offered with an impeccable efficiency."

David Malboeuf, painter

"Kama Pigment has excellent quality painting materials. They carry a wide and ever expanding range of pigments and oil colours. I've been using their paint for the past ten years and find it to be amongst the best on the market. Going into the store is always a treat; there are so many interesting products to discover. The staff is both knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommended."

Joseph Siddiqi, Concordia university teacher and painter

Classes and workshops

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"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your course on pigments. It was very exciting and rewarding. I count myself fortunate to have attended; you deliver this course with passion. I really feel inspired to make my own paint with your pigments that are unparalleled in the market. Rest assured that I will be visiting your store soon to see your colours and spoil myself. Thank you again. "

Francine Beaudet, artist

"A big thank you for your conference on materials for artists. You are a professional bearing the sacred fire, and I have received much strong praise. I hope your business will prove fruitful. I'll be sure to buy more of your products. “

Guy Lemieux, art teacher

"Just to say how much my class enjoyed your demo last week. Nothing better than starting them off on the right path at the beginning when they are expressing an interest in oils." 

Caroline Hart, Concordia university teacher
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