Inside our Montreal store

Inside our Montreal store




I. Returns & refunds

If you are not satisfied with the merchandise you have bought from us, you have forty five (45) days to ship them back to us for a complete refund of original merchandise purchase with no questions asked.

Once we have the merchandise and if they are in good shape and have not been used, we will refund the credit card that has been used to make the purchase for the original amount of this purchase or we will send you a cheque if this is how you've paid for your materials.

To be absolutely certain of your refund please make sure that you pack the merchandise carefully so that nothing breaks during transport and make sure to include a copy or your original invoice: without your invoice we cannot proceed with the refund.

According to circumstances and the size of returns we reserve the right to apply restocking fees.

II. International freight

The shipping costs indicated on our website do not include custom charges which could be added according to your country's regulations.

However, our shipping services include custom brokerage for packages up to 200 $ US for the United States and with no limit for international orders. That means that you won't have to pay custom brokerage fees or custom brokers for the eligible shipments but only the applicable entry taxes of your country. However in general, parcels of under 200 $ US in value are not taxed at customs.

III. Out of stock item

Even tough it rarely happens, if for some reason an article that you have ordered from us cannot be sent, we will deduct it from your invoice and you will be refunded for the missing article(s) as explained in point I.

IV. We are at your service

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information during regular business hours, Quebec time (eastern G.M.T. -05:00).

Tél. 514 272 2173  |  Fax 514 948 5253  |


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